Taxi tips

Taxis in Greece are government controlled, so don't hesitate to hop on a taxi, it might save you some hassle like waiting for a bus. But don't forget: taxi-drivers all over the world are tricky at times!

Here some tips for successful taxi driving:

  • Don't stick your thumb out, as it could be considered as an insult, just wave!
  • Make sure the taxi-driver has his taximeter on.
  • Don't agree on arranging prices, unless you are going very far and *really* think the price is reasonable!
  • Don't worry if the taxi-driver takes more people in on the way. It is common in Greece - however, if it is done the right way, the fare is to be shared!
  • Wear your seat belt, even if he doesn't tell you to or maybe, tells you *not* to! He might even protest against you putting it on, considering it a personal insult towards his driving skills ;-). Don't worry, what's more important - your life or his ego? (He probably won't be wearing it himself, and legally he doesn't have to, either.)
  • Taxi drivers usually don't mind smoking, as they most likely smoke themselves!
  • Sometimes people have problems finding a taxi from Piraeus to the airport, as the taxi-drivers, for some reason, don't like going there. Either take the bus ("X96" goes regularly directly to the airport and is much cheaper), or be tricky, just open the door and get into the taxi, then tell the driver where you want to go. If you are desperate (maybe in a rush!), look for a policeman to help you!
  • During the high season, a taxi is the most difficult thing to find on the islands, so if you need one, make sure you organize it in time.

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